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Welcome to Tokyo Joes Concord


Women's Self-Defense Workshops

Our next workshop is slated for early winter. Workshops are also available to women's and girls groups in our community. Private workshops can be held for work, social or large ...

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About Us

Welcome to Tokyo Joe's Studios of Self-Defense

We are among the top-ranked martial arts sports-karate schools in the world and a proud member of the International Kenpo Council of Grand Masters! We offer classes in Shaolin Kempo Karate , Combative Jiu-Jitsu, Kickboxing, Self-Defense, and much, much more! We have special programs for children and our comprehensive self-defense training combines karate, aikido, jiu-jitsu, grappling, and kung-fu. Plus we have some of the top-rated instructors in the martial arts!!

Tokyo Joe's Studios has been rated by Sport Karate magazine as one of the top martial arts schools in the world, founded on the principles of personal attention, tradition, and teaching excellence. Tokyo Joe's - Concord is a shining example of what a karate school should be.

Tokyo Joe's provides the most complete and effective methods to assist you, your child, and your entire family in reaching your full potential. Tokyo Joe’s instructors are personally selected, not only for their martial arts skills, but also on their ability to effectively communicate their knowledge and understanding to students of all ages. They strive daily to be the best they can be, and are continually upgrading their skills. They are dedicated to passing along that special quality of assurance and achievement to each and every student. Their energy, enthusiasm, helpfulness, and friendliness are proof that Tokyo Joe's instructors are ranked among the finest in the world.

Call 856-7674 now to get started! 






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