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Our Foundations
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 Our Foundations

Grandmaster Robert LaMattina

 Founder of the Tokyo Joe System

Owner of  Tokyo Joe's Studios of Self-Defense

Nashua, NH

Grandmaster LaMattina is a 4 time world champion who has been studying the martial arts for decades. ‘Tokyo Joe’ started his martial arts training at age 11 at the United Studios of Self-Defense in East Boston. There, he studied Shaolin Kempo Karate for several years under Master Fred Bagley, who was a top student of Grandmaster Fred Villari. At the same time Grandmaster was also boxing in East Boston at the Paris Street Gym. It was here that he developed his now-familiar fleet, dancing footwork. "By combining my boxing footwork techniques with my karate sparring skills, I was able to develop a highly effective fighting style that's all my own", Grandmaster LaMattina explains. This eventually evolved into the unique fighting system that he uses and teaches today.

Although our techniques are based on centuries old knowledge, it is our application of that knowledge that sets Tokyo Joe's Studios apart. Our certified Black Belt instructors work hard to develop quality students. Experience has taught us that a student taught right the first time feels happy, confident, and comfortable. We realize that each individual possesses different natural abilities. That is why once you have acquired a strong foundation and ability in the basics, our program is individualized to match your physical and developmental capabilities with the goal of maximizing your self-defense skills. Should the need ever arise our students will possess a firm understanding of what it takes to both mentally and physically defend themselves or their loved ones.