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Tai Chi
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Tai Chi is an ancient art that has a history that goes back thousands of years. Deeply rooted in Taoist ideology Tai Chi practices slow relaxed movements to the timing of ones breathing. It is sometimes described as a kind of “moving meditation”.

Being a martial art, the movements have self-defense applications though it is mostly taught for its health benefits and to augment our Karate student’s foundational skills.

In this class students will practice various Qi Gong exercises, stretches, meditation, and two different Tai Chi styles; Tai Chi Chung, and Yang style Tai chi Chuan. Each style employs different forms or sets of movements, but both emphasize the same principles of fluidity, breathing, balance, and internal power. As students learn the forms they will not only memorize the moves but learn to practice them gracefully and synchronously with other students. 

 Tai Chi Man  Bagua Tai Chi Woman


Tai Chi is an invigorating activity that is low impact and can be practiced by all ages. With many great health benefits ranging from general muscle fitness, lowering blood pressure, improving balance, and releasing stress, we encourage you to come and learn how focus your chi, empty your mind, and bring balance to your body.